There's nothing quite like dolloping paint onto a canvas. What comes close though is to do it digitally - it's less messy, it's quicker and you can rectify any mistakes. It also means that you can reproduce canvases at a fraction of the cost of producing an original. The effect is startling and once the impasto gel is added to create texture you would never know that the canvas has been created digitally.


I'm fortunate that God has given me a talent to produce this type of work and I feel I should be using it to help others in need. I've decided to donate 10% of all the profits to Oxfam's Syrian Crisis Appeal and it would be great if you would support me in this.


All you need to do is order an oil-effect canvas or buy a picture or voucher from the shop. In the process you'll be donating money to a worthwhile cause.

Thanks you for your support and I hope you enjoy browsing the site.